Europe and UK Event Hire or Rental /lease a Mobile Phone Charging Station Kiosk

Mobile phone charging station

Mobile phone charging Kiosk Event Rental and Hire

Chargezone’s mobile phone charging station caters for customised solutions at events, exhibitions, trade shows, expos festivals, markets and conferences in Europe and round the world.  When organising and planning an event, we keep your clients connected on the Go by offering your attendees the ability to recharge their smartphone or devices while further promoting your brand on a mobile phone charging platform.

We have a range of customized packages available for businesses in Europe and round the world which includes:

  • Free
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Chargezone Mobile Phone Charging Stations are excellent for your events, exhibitions, trade shows, expos festivals, markets and conferences in Europe and round the world because:

It reaches a captive smart phone audience

It supplement existing sponsorship deals.

It promotes your brand on a mobile phone platform.

It provides a cost effective, quality service to clients.

It keeps your consumers connected on-the-Go.

Venues Installation Mobile Phone Charging Station Kiosk

Chargezone mobile phone charging kiosk would provide exceptional ROI and it would further develop your company’s mobile phone marketing strategy.

It can be placed anywhere in Europe, either on a permanent/long or short term. We offer mobile phone charging kiosks that serves many different markets and verticals, in the Europe. This includes the following:

Fig:12 lockers mobile phone charging station with secure pin lock or with clean codeless and keyless access using a programmed RFID smart access card or existing work access card or device.

Outdoor event: Promote your brand and services while clients recharge there devices outdoors

  • Bars and Restaurants: clients recharge there smartphones while eating and drinking, providing the venue with increased dwell time to increase sales.
  • Hospitals: The mobile phone charging stations are great for hospital emergency rooms, waiting rooms, and cafeterias to keep the public connected on-the- go.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities: Clients, students, teachers and other staff would have the ability to stay connected  on-the-Go using our mobile phone charging stations  in student unions, libraries, gyms, public halls, academic buildings, laundramats and cafeterias.
  • Casinos and Bingos: Providing charging solutions to casino patrons creates strong goodwill, and results in increased “table time” while the device is charging. The mobile phone charging stations  gives you a great opportunity to further  increase revenue for the venue and keep your clients connected.
  • Coffee bars:  perfect for encouraging dwell time, leading to increased revenues.
  • Theatre, Cinemas and Movie Multiplexes: The mobile charging station gives you the opportunity to recharge while waiting for your movie and sponsors could effectively deliver a unique marketing message.
  • Malls, Stadiums  and arenas: The mobile charging station would offers the ability to continue shopping, having fun or watching a game while also staying connected on the Go with family, friends and colleagues .
  • Local shops, Supermarkets and Pharmacies: The mobile charging station allow on-the-Go customers to recharge in your store.
  • Corporate events , Conferences, Exhibition and Trade Shows: We lease the mobile charging station for Conferences and Trade Shows . The mobile charging station are placed in common areas, VIP and Technology Zones, and at transportation docks. The charging solution are an exceptional sponsorship opportunity, and of course keep show attendees while promoting your mobile phone strategy.
  • Music Festivals/Concerts: Chargezone provides mobile charging station to many of the leading Music Festivals and Concerts in UK. What better way for sponsors to delight and service festival and concert-goers by providing them with the ability to stay connected on-the-go with friends and family.

European and World Local Distributors.

Are you in a market that can benefit from Chargezone mobile phone charging kiosks and you would like to be the first in the business, customised mobile phone charging station and own an exclusive territory with full support ?  Contact the Chargezone team at: or call: 02036934482  OR +44(0)1189653447

Mobile phone charging lockers

Chargezone Secure Locker Mobile phone charger Worldwide

From concept and design to installation, maintenance and upgrade, our global partners guarantee outstanding support throughout the project life cycle. We are UK and the European Mobile phone charging station kiosk specialist.