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Available Charging Tips with Wireless Charging For (All Phones, Laptops and Tablets including iPhones & Android )

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Cutting-edge Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk since 2000. Learn more about the world market leader in Mobile Phone Charging equipment. 

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From concept and design to installation, maintenance and upgrade, our global partners guarantee outstanding support throughout the project life cycle

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Offers a powerful brand identity while promoting your brand on a charging platform to effectively reach and  promote your mobile phone marketing strategy.

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Lockable Mobile Phone Charging Station Option

Endless Possibilities

The charge-fast technology Chargezone mobile phone charging station is as fast as a wall charger (sometime quicker) and twice the speed of other public phone chargers.We all know different smart mobile phones have different batteries. However, in order to get

<span style="color: #99cc00;">Table Top Mobile Phone Charging Station </span>

Table Top Phone Charging Station

Chargezone is the European leading expert in Mobile Phone Charging Station and the leader in UK for suppling Mobile Phone Charging technology. We have been applying uncompromising standards and precision to Mobile Phone Charging Station with products development that make...

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Thank you very much for everything. The machines looked great and I’ve only heard positive comments during the set up. Your delivery guy was very friendly, polite and patient. Finally I would like to thank you for your service and I also look forward to doing business with you in the near future!

Loek. Manager at MasterCard

The Chargezone team are incredible at what they do. The charging units are absolutely amazing, the support is mind-blowing! Very professional, friendly and great value. Highly recommended!

– Debbie. Manager at Pizza Express
<span style="color: #99cc00;">12 Locker Phone Charging Station </span>

Wall Mounted Phone Charging Station

We offer 12 lockers with secure pin lock or the options with clean codeless and keyless access using a programmed RFID smart access card. Also, free standing, wall-mounted, table top and micro 4 to 12 charging solutions which are fully...

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Wide Variety of Chargezone Phone Charging Solution

Energy-Efficient Phone Charging Lockers & Non-Lockers

Integrated Phone Charging Solutions and Automate your platform

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Chargezone Powerful Phone Charging Lockers

The Chargezone mobile phone charging lockers could be branded with your logo and artwork to promote your platform on a mobile phone charging platform. Chargezone has a wide variety of phone charging stations available to buy or rent today. The powerful 12 lockers have secure pin lock, standard keys, or options with clean codeless and keyless access which means it uses a programmed RFID smart access card.

We also offer wireless phone charging lockers or the option with 4 cables per locker for all iPhone and Android devices. The phone charging lockers has an emergency master code which could also be changed.

The powerful phone charging locker is currently in stock with express delivery and an extended warranty. Call, use the live chat, or email us today​ for a unique offer

Powerful Phone &Laptop Charging Tables

The powerful phone charging table has 16 different cables for all iPhone & Android devices with additional wireless charging. We also have cables for charging laptops on selected coffee or poseur tables. The options include 600mm, 800mm, and 1200mm round & square power tables (Poseur & Coffee power table ) so contact us now and get a quote in a minute. Why not incorporate the phone charging table rentals for your event planning which would significantly enhance the attendee experience, boost engagement, and create valuable networking opportunities at the venue.

The powerful phone charging station is also available to buy now in all options and colours so get a quote in seconds.

Fast Charging Cable Cord with Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB for all iPhones, Android and iWatch Fast Magnetic Charging Cable Portable Wireless iWatch Charging Cord Compatible with Apple Watch Series

Chargezone Phone charging Station Fast charging motherboard

210W Fast Charger and  230 Volts Input voltage 

Chargezone phone charging station has a 210W USB powerful Charger which is a high-power USB charger that provides up to 210 watts of power output. It has multiple USB ports for charging multiple devices at the same time. This charger is suitable for devices that require high power output, such as high-power fast-charging mobile Apples and Android phones, iWatch, laptops, tablets, game consoles, and so on. The Chargezone powerful fast charger can shorten the charging time for you, improve charging efficiency, and facilitate fast charging. It has USB-A ports and USB-C ports.

Chargezone phone charging lockers have high electron flow capability and low resistance characteristics, and Chargezone charging heads provide higher power density and faster charging speeds.

Save time by charging your iPhone or Android devices, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices faster with Chargezone's powerful charging heads. The Chargezone powerful charging head is more compact and fast charging technology, which is very convenient for events, venues, hospitals, and for promoting new products. Chargezone powerful technology has higher efficiency, resulting in less energy loss during charging.

Chargezone full protection: Our 4,8, 12, or 24-port charging motherboard has been designed with a variety of safety measures to protect users and devices from risks such as over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and overheating. It undergoes rigorous testing and validation during the manufacturing process to ensure its reliability and safety. The use of multiple protections greatly reduces safety risks during the use of the charger and protects the user and the device from damage.

Chargezone certification: Our 4, 8, and 12-port charging head has passed all safety certificates, please feel free to use it. Our certification certificates are FCC, CE, UKCA, RoHS, UL, and so on.

The 210W USB C Charger is a high-power USB charger that provides up to 210 watts of power output. The 8-in-1 charging head has 2 different types of ports, which can meet the charging needs of a variety of devices including all iPhones and Android phones. These include 3 USB-A ports and 5 USB-C ports.

NOTE: The charging power of a device depends on its internal power processing capability. Furthermore, a 50W device cannot be charged with 100W. It is better to use a charging cable that matches the rated power of the product for a better charging experience.

Other standard alternatives we offer are 33W 6.5A 4 port motherboards

120W and 200W fast chargers are also available in 4, 8, and 12-port motherboards for the powerful phone charging kiosk.

Chargezone wireless charging locker

The company donates 20% of its annual profits to philanthropy by supporting domestic abuse charities working to end domestic abuse against women and children.

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