Chargezone Charging Tips


Welcome to Chargezone. The global pioneer and trailblazer for innovative mobile phone charging kiosk technology.

We have been applying uncompromising standards and precision to mobile phone charging station with products developed in Europe and around the world that make the invisible visible. Chargezone also offers free-standing, wall-mounted, tabletop and micro 4 to 8 mobile phone charging kiosk which are fully equipped with features like LCD touch screens, remote content management solutions, billboards, lockers, credit card processing, branded customised wrapping and more.

Mobile phones or smart devices is now the most common way for the UK and European consumers to access the Internet.

Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk

12locker mobile phone charging station

12 locker mobile phone charging station

Why not use Chargezone charging solution :

  • Free Phone re-charger
  • Effectively reach mobile phone user
  • Promote mobile app downloads
  • Promote mobile game downloads
  • Promote the use of QR codes
  • Promote social media and Increase Facebook Like or Twitter followers
  • Promote SMS Competitions
  • Promote mobile marketing


Cutting-edge mobile phone charging kiosk since 2000. Learn more about the world market leader in mobile phone charging equipment.


For more than 16 years Chargezone has followed a number of essential and successful principles. Discover the company´s strategy.


A company is only as credible as the people behind it. The management plays a key role here.
Ideas, openness, and experience are the company’s key values. A philosophy of constructive collaboration ensures the right sense of community